Hello world

I'm a full-stack devel­oper and en­tre­pre­neur with a passion for well-crafted appli­ca­tions.

As designer, devel­oper and en­tre­pre­neur with profes­sional experi­ence I bring ideas to life. Most of the time I produce scalable and beautiful things for web, mobile and desktop.

What I do


If you need help with your project, you just got lucky! I have a ton of experience to make yours a success.



Finding your spot on the market is the key to success. Together, we identify the capabilities of your product.



Show who you are to the world. You really should give your visual appearance the attention it deserves.



I got the knowledge and experience to create tailored solutions for a wide variety of devices and platforms.

Personal projects


Particles.js is a dependency-free and responsive JavaScript plugin for impressive animated particle backgrounds. It's written in plain vanilla Java­Script.

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Comet is a CSS toolkit for small and large web apps. It provides a set of predefined styles to build beautiful and scalable user interfaces much faster.

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Client work

Unfortunately, I can't show the work I did as part of an em­ploy­ment in public, but you can contact me via email to request my entire portfolio.

Who I am

Born in 1989. Raised in a small town in Germany. Always hard at work since 2004.

I have been involved in web design and web development for more than a decade now and I absolutely love it. It's a passion. I like building stuff, making things better, more useful, faster and fun. You can often find me Saturdays at 2 am working on cool projects. I think that I'm a slightly workaholic. I truly can’t understand why people wishing me to have a nice weekend because I’m waiting for monday like a little boy for Christmas. Okay alright, it depends much on which company I work for, but generally I just love what I do.

I never worked at Google but I thought it would look nice to mention them on my portfolio. Anyway I use their products all the time. I also have a strong partnership with Spotify since I use it to listen to music while working on cool stuff. Furthermore, Fitbit never commissioned me to work on their dashboard, although I wear my Charge 2 everyday. But hey, maybe one day they will. For sure!

My professional career started back in 2010 as trainee for a web agency in Göppingen, Germany. Since graduating with honours as Digital and Print Media Designer for Design and Technology with an examination certificate, I spend my time helping various companies to create delightful digital products for great brands. Currently I enjoy working with Angular, React and other Technologies as Lead Software Engineer at WEISE & STARK in Esslingen, Germany.

Things I know
React Native
Things I'm interested in
  • Clean code
  • Web applications
  • App development
  • Internet of things
  • Interface animations
Get in touch

If you are looking for a partner that can help you with your projects, you just found him.

I would love to hear from you and talk about your inquiry. So, if you are planning a new project or have a general ques­tion, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.